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Our Brand Story

Be with us, witness our growth and honor.


  • 2000

    Ee Jia business begins

    Ee Jia business begins with the trading of household plastic wares which carried the brand name “elianware” in Penang, Malaysia. First office was in Sungai Dua Industrial Park with about 1,800 square feet and there were only 3 employees at that time.
  • 2002

    Moved to bigger office

    After 2 years of operation (July 2002), we moved to the bigger size office which is around 4,000 square feet where we rent from EE-Lian Enterprise (EE-Lian).

    Then, we increased to 8 employees to provide better distribution network and further strengthen our company in the local market. As the company business growing steadily from year to year, we need a bigger office space for products storage and warehousing in order to accommodate our inventory to fulfill the customer’s demand.

  • 2005

    Ee Jia launched the “eplas” brand

    At Dec 2005, we moved again to a new office (roughly 7,000 square feet) which located at the back of the EE-Lian’s office and we have expanded the company to 30 employees.

    At the same year, Ee Jia launched the “eplas” brand which is mainly focus on water bottle and tumbler. Mr Ooi Chen Hoon, who is a founder of eplas brand, started his preliminary ideas as he noticed that water is an essential element to human body especially in Malaysia market as it is having summer season throughout the year. We are importing those bottles and tumblers from China and some from local sub- manufacturers.

    Eplas’s core value strives to create a variety of unique water bottle which can cater different age level of consumers as well as different lifestyle. Meanwhile, we successfully established the trademark eplas® which exclusively owed by us for water bottles’ design. The main raw material used for producing our eplas tumbler is Eastman Tritan™ copolyester. It is made from 100% Bisphenol-A (BPA) free material which complied with FDA (US) regulations & LGFB (Europe) Standard. All the raw materials are 100% import from US. From Mr Ooi observation, the consumers nowadays concern more about the safety and appearance of the product than the price. That’s the reason why we insist to use the first grade of raw material to produce our bottle.

    There are about 50 models water bottles for brand name "eplas" and over 500 designs in the market, and we keep changing and introduce more unique and fashion design every year. We always bear our vision in mind that, eplas bottles strives to be the most outstanding and extraordinary brands among ASEAN country.

  • 2006

    Ee Jia launched the “HOME PERFECT” brand

    As the milestones goes on, Ee Jia introduced another new brand named as “HOME PERFECT” in year 2006. “HOME PERFECT” are mainly specialized in baking tools and baking accessories. We have foreseen the trend and market demand of baking throughout Malaysia, hence we intended to provide a better baking environment to the consumer in term of baking tools and baking accessories.

    After a few years of study and research, we decided to import the baking tools and baking accessories from certain selected countries which are expert in manufacturing thus able to provide better and safe quality products. We are fully imported and re-packaged labelling for whole range of baking tools and baking accessories then supply to our customers.

    After 10 years effort to build up the branding, nowadays HOME PERFECT’s baking tools and accessories is selling like a hot cake in town and holds a large portion of market share in Malaysia. We are able to achieve this which leads to our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the customer’s need and requirements that enable us to cater the actual needs of our customers.

  • 2009

    Expansion of company

    Going through 2008 economy crisis, the company is doing better than expected with great profit and we have managed to purchase a land for company future expansion plan. At year 2009, Ee Jia has built its very first own company office with 28,000 square feet in Plot 246, Lengkok Perindustrian Bukit Minyak 1, Bukit Minyak Industrial Park, 14100 Simpang Ampat, Penang and has a total of 50 employees.

    While the company is in good shape and its profile is pretty well known, we have spun off another company Eplas Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd at year 2011 to further expand our business in different category.

  • 2013

    Ee Jia launched the “PARTY FETE” brand

    As our market was stable, company foreseen that most of the people enjoyed organizing party or celebration, but they have no idea about the decoration or might be lack of time on the physical setting of the party. Therefore, he decided to establish another new brand, “PARTY FETE” in year 2013 as it carries a variety range of fun and attractive party accessories, which allows the consumer to turn up a normal environment into a party place in just an hour of time.

    It’s mainly target a collection of party and decorating ideas to make every gathering a special occasions. “PARTY FETE” owned a good response in the market as it managed to capture the market trend and the current lifestyle.

  • 2014

    New Office Building

    2nd November 2014 no doubt is a remarkable moment in Ee Jia’s history as we moved into a newly constructed office and shifted our administration and warehouse operations to this new facility with 60 employees. Throughout these 14 years, Ee Jia performed beyond expectation where it leads us to be able to build a warehouse cum 5-storeys office building, approximately 65,000 square feet in Plot 243A, Lengkok Perindustrian Bukit Minyak 3, Bukit Minyak Industrial Park, 14100 Seberang Perai Tengah, Pulau Pinang.


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